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Bristol based Senior Javascript, front end and games Developer

I am a front end developer who resides in Bristol, UK. In the last 5 years, front end development has become a lot more difficult and brought about new challenges. Not only do we now have to do responsive design, architecture our work to be mobile first but we also have to design content first. I would go as far as to say that front end development is now as difficult - if not more difficult - than back end development.

There are so many technologies now such as Jquery, GSAP, Kinetic.js, Angular.js and HTML5 canvas just to name a few. Probably too many for people to keep up with! The best thing as developers is to be aware of these technologies and to utilise them when a relevant project crops up.

Recently I have become more involved with writing javascript which is my main passion. There are so many plugins out there which don't exist yet, which I have begun writing for. A perfect example of this is my Ajax Loader. The trend now is to bring web and mobile closer together, eliminating the need for a separate mobile site to a web site by using media queries. This is great as it uses a single code base, but what if the web and mobile versions have to have different loading abilities? The Ajax Loader solves that problem.

My other passion is css. There are now so many challenges we face as developers to make our css consistent, easy to read and most of all browser compatible.

This new portfolio site has been made using the latest css media query techniques, is built mobile and content first and is fully optimised for the quickest loading times.
View more of my work via the portfolio section to find out more.

Email: ajfhoward[@t]hotmail.com

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